Career Placement

The Orlo School of Hair Design and Cosmetology offers tools and guidance inside the classroom and through one-on-one counseling to shape meaningful employment experiences, assisting students in engaging their passions and achieving their goals. Orlo’s staff members assist students with:

  • State Board prep days
  • State Board workshops
  • Résumé development
  • Cover letter development
  • Employment portfolio development
  • Job interview preparation
  • Networking
  • Job placement assistance

In addition, our cosmetology curriculum covers the following sections of Milady Cosmetology’s Business Skills Course within our classrooms:

  • Seeking Employment
  • On the Job
  • The Salon Business

When should a student begin looking for a job – while they are still studying or after?

Explore potential opportunities while attending school. Do not wait until graduation to begin your search. If you do, you may be tempted to take the first offer you receive. Research salon websites and social media accounts that interest you. Look for the salon that will be best for you and your goals. When you’ve identified one or more salons that interest you, create and finalize your cover letter, résumé and references.

How should students approach looking for their first job in the cosmetology industry?

Explore the job market and research potential employers. Ask yourself:

  • What do you really want out of a career in cosmetology?
  • What particular areas within the beauty industry are the most interesting to you?

Then take action. Explore the job market and research potential employers. Get out there – network! Visit salons and talk to their owners, managers, educators and stylists.